Tales of a photocopier engineer in Oxted Surrey

Today we are in Oxted, Surrey


Oxted is a historic town about 20 miles south of London with lots of Tudor timber buildings. The town is split in two halves West and East Oxted with the London to East Grinstead railway line splitting them. Famous for it’s Victorian Gas works and iron railway bridge crossing the A25, Oxted is a charming town that sits at the foot of the North Downs just south of the M25 orbital motorway.

Today we are visiting Old Oxted to deal with copy quality problems on an old analog Canon NP6216.

Copiers and laser printers need general servicing and maintenance because they often suffer poor copy quality because dust may have built up in the optical scanner section. Because this is generally at the top of the machine heat from the fusing unit builds up and needs the help of a fan to cool this area. This air suction adds to dust problems and it is important that the onsite technician should clean this area.

In addition photocopiers and printers do not work well if they are sited in areas of extremes in temperature. If a machine is allowed to get too cold overnight, quite often when it is turned on the heat in the fixing section will cause a build up of condensation in the optics section including any mirrors and lenses. As reflected light from the original on the platten glass is not as bright this is likely to cause dark, foggy images on the copy and even paper jams in the heat roller section. Try not to position your photocopier next to a radiator or in front of a window because of the temperature fluctuations. In addition a copier sited in a staff kitchen is a big no no because of steam from the kettle. Another menace that can cause copier breakdowns, error code faults etc is the old bag that does the cleaning around the office. As we mentioned earlier the machine has a  fan to draw cold air through the equipment and vapors from her cleaning sprays can cause many problems if they come into contact with the photoconductive drum unit.

Our engineers are Canon, Ricoh and Hewlett Packard manufacture trained but we also service Toshiba Sharp Panasonic Konica Minolta Mita Samsung and Xerox models.

In addition to servicing copiers and laser printers in Oxted, we also fix and maintain inkjet printers, plotters, dot matrix printers, shredders and large format plan copiers. Our field service engineers carry spare parts in their car stock to carry out onsite repair. Although we always try to fix the machine at the customers premises, in some instances it may be more practical for us to replace parts and service the equipment back at our workshop.

Before we head back to our workshop there is just time to pop into Morrisons to get my tea and have a quick pint in the Oxted Inn right outside Oxted Railway Station.